Change is good. And hard. But to succeed in business, you must run towards it and embrace it bravely.

The journey

We created Blue Sky Performance in 2014 to support and encourage individuals and teams to reach their full potential. And the last three years has been an amazing journey of discovery for co-founders Matt Fowler and Paul Burrows.

From day one, Matt and Paul’s philosophy has been about helping people be the absolute best that they can be. In work and at home. They quickly picke up work, and as their portfolio continued to grow, one word could be heard from clients time and time again – “incredible!”

Incredible Thinking is a way of life

We decided to rebrand and rename ourselves the Incredible Thinkers, because we realised our strength was our innate ability to inspire and motivate people to think differently. Only when we think differently can we realise what will truly make us happy, help us perform better, and ultimately to make us braver, healthier, happier leaders. In control of our own destiny.

Driven by the desire to create concepts and strategies to support those walking the path less travelled, Incredible Thinkers was created. Incredible Thinkers breed leaders, pioneers, adventurers, inventors and trailblazers.


Take a look at our new brand on our website and social media channels – we hope you love the new brand as much as we do!