Hi Sarah, before we get to how Matt helped you avoid burnout and build confidence in your leadership role, tell us a bit about your career? I’ve worked at Express Solicitors for nearly 14 years. I did a law degree and my legal practice course and had previously undertaken work experience at Express.

I was given fantastic opportunities at the firm, which catapulted my career at a rate of knots! Moving up the ladder so rapidly brought about real challenges for me. I was given management responsibility early on, along with dealing with complex claims. It was very stressful!

When did you start coaching with Matt?
I started coaching with Matt in November 2017. I was stressed and overwhelmed working on serious legal cases with high stakes. While I had a ‘coping’ mechanism (‘just keep going’), I realised what had previously got me to that point wasn’t going to get me any further. I was on the verge of burnout.

What did you need help with?
When my coaching began, Matt took me through personality profiling, which was rather telling! The results helped me understand the negative behaviours and habits I’d built up over the years. And as a leader, they helped me to see things from other people’s perspectives. It was a real eye-opener and had a significant impact on me.

We then focussed on time management and productivity in both professional and personal life. These skills are so valuable, and I always encourage my team to use them.

Matt helped me define my growth ambitions. We developed ways to increase my confidence and find my authentic voice. Matt’s coaching was invaluable, and I’ve started sessions again.

Top Tips you’ve learned from Matt
1) I can’t control everything! Learning to let go of the things I can’t control is hard, but I’m a lot more calm and confident now.

2) Personal effectiveness – Matt has helped me become more organised and productive with my time, leveraging the time I have to best effect. As a team, we’ve seen our individual and collective productivity improve as a result too.

3) Reflection – Matt’s helped me form healthier daily habits, including slowing down. Now I take small, determined steps to reach my personal and professional goals.

Was it hard being honest with Matt?
If I held anything back, it wouldn’t have been an authentic journey.

I‘ve been open, honest and at times extremely vulnerable with Matt. It’s broken down barriers and built trust, and Matt has really supported me. Recently I recognised I was falling back into my old ways, so I reached out to Matt and I’m having more coaching. It’s reassuring to know Matt is always there when you need him.

How does Matt bring out the best in you?
Matt’s sessions always give me energy and drive. His sessions are uplifting and positive, and he doesn’t shy away from being honest (which has accelerated my self-growth). I like the way Matt gives me different ways of thinking about things. I enjoy his recommended resources like reading, podcasts and TED talks, and I enjoy sharing with him stuff I have found helpful.

What would you say to someone considering Matt?
I recommend Matt to others regularly. I’d say if you think you know it all, you don’t! One session with Matt will make you realise there is so much to learn to grow. You can read my LinkedIn recommendation to Matt here if you need any more convincing!


Want a chat with Matt?
Take the next step to becoming a better and happier leader, and call Matt today for a chat on 07527 802 686. Or if you prefer, email him at hello@incrediblethinkers.co.uk