So, 6-1 to England against Panama, following an opening game win against Tunisia, which is only the third time in World Cup history that an England team has won it’s opening two games.

What has Gareth Southgate done to transform the belief, performances, and results of this England team?

He is described, both from inside and outside the camp, as having changed the culture. There isn’t a day goes by that I do not talk, read or hear about culture, but what on earth does this much heralded word actually mean? And what has Gareth done ?

For me, culture is simply about how people interact with each other and how they get things done, be it as part of a national football squad, private or public organisation or indeed a family. And no matter how talented the people, the culture will ultimately determine performance.

So if we want to create a high performance culture where one doesn’t yet exist, then it is all about changing behaviour. However, the common mistake so many leaders make is that it is about how others behave, when really it is first about how the leaders themselves behave and act.

So, some lessons from Gareth…

If you want to create a culture of trust and openness…

Be prepared to show humility and be the first to openly admit your weaknesses and mistakes. Gareth stepped outside of football to learn and embrace from the very best in Rugby Union, and has openly shared his vulnerabilities with the squad.

If you want to create a culture of innovation and creativity…

Think about how you accept and even celebrate a failed effort. Reward someone who tries to climb that tallest mountain or virgin peak even if they fall short of the summit. Ask Raheem Sterling.

If you want to create a genuine meritocracy…

Be prepared to give people opportunities based on their behaviours and performance rather than reputation. Ask Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

As with so many many aspects of leadership and life, genuine culture change starts with a ‘look in the mirror moment’ by leaders and being the change they seek.

Come on England!