“We are all in the same boat I guess”. This is what a senior leader said to me when I asked her how her team were handling things when compared with her. I was instantly reminded of Damian Barr’s poem – “We are not all in the same boat..we are all in the same storm“. I think this brilliantly describes the deeply personal, vastly different experiences and emotions we are all feeling right now.

Most leaders and businesses should be applauded for how well they have handled the storm so far, but as the storm endures and lengthens, so it presents fresh and bigger problems.

Never has it been more important for leaders to understand each member of the team’s context and perspective by asking 2 simple questions:

  1. Do I really understand how it feels to be in their boat? Some may only have one oar.
  2. How do I best help them navigate the through the storm?

Check out Damian’s twitter account for the full poem.